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No Aftertaste

If i'm being honest, I was originally really skeptical of Swoon Sweet Tea. I've tried every "sugar free" product on the market to try and curb my sweet tea addiction, but nothing has scratched the itch like Swoon has with ZERO aftertaste! I personally cannot deal with weird faux sugar product aftertastes at all, and I'm very picky. Swoon has my stamp of approval, which is really saying something!

This grew on me

Not going to lie, it wasn't love at first sip, but by the end of the can, I was weirdly hooked! I cleared all of my other beverages out of the fridge to make room for a case of this, and I find myself having one at lunch every. single. day.


This sweet tea makes me feel like I'm sipping on some sunshine! Bring this to your next BBQ Or picnic and have a zero sugar, low cal drink par-tea!

How does this have zero sugar??

I'm blown away at this Sweet Tea by Swoon. It's better than my favorite sweet tea and without any of the massive grams of sugar in my prior fave...what's not to love. Get yourself some ASAP!

Afternoon staple

Swoon's Sweet Tea has become an afternoon staple for me -- no sugar, a bit of caffeine, and full of flavor -- the perfect clean treat to gear up for the rest of the day!

Tastes as good as it looks

Very eye catching packaging and I had to try. It Tastes as good as it looks and was a perfect light beverage to have with lunch. Highly reccomend for a light caffeine pick me up VS a regualr soda + ZERO SUGAR!

Lemonades and Iced Teas
Mary Catherine
This blessed my heart

I'm from the south so I have high expectations of sweet tea and what it's supposed to taste like. This isn't your grandmother's sweet tea, but to me it's better because it isn't filled with sugar! I really enjoyed the taste of this one, despite the fact that it's less conventional. It's good on its own but would make a great mixer for alcoholic drinks and mocktails as well. You've done it again, Swoon!

Bev of the summer

Swoons new Sweet Tea is amazing! It's a perfectly blended black tea with just a hint of lemon, small kick of caffeine to get you through those warm summer days!

Delicious and nutritious!

this sweet tea is so delicious! i grew up drinking sweet tea, but never have it anymore because it's FULL of sugar. this hits the spot and is perfect on a warm sunny day!

Caffeine boost an added bonus

This Sweet Tea has become an afternoon staple for me -- no sugar, a bit of caffeine -- the perfect clean treat to gear up for the rest of the day!

Flavorful AF

The Swoon sweet tea hits the right spot and brings me back to BBQ's and days by the pool.
They are the best zero sugar brand in my eyes with so much flavor!!!

So good

I can't believe there's no sugar! absolutely delicious

The Real Deal

Being from Georgia, I'm picky about my sweet tea, but Swoon passed the taste test! Best flavor yet!

Lemonades and Iced Teas
Philip McAndrew
Try the Peach ice tea COLD

I was volunteering at a food pantry and came across the swoon peach ice tea, I would highly recommend it, it taste amazing especially considering does not contain sugar etc…
The other lemonade flavors are good, but if you have tried them and didn’t enjoy them as much try the peach ice tea, I feel they really got the blend right and can’t speak highly enough of it.

Lemonades and Iced Teas
Kathryn Pendergast
Awesome Guilt-free Treat

I really enjoyed all the flavors of tea and lemonade and knowing that they are healthy makes it a guilt-free indulgence!

Swoon Simple Syrup
Deb Anderson
Great sweetener

Have yet to find something that this sweetener doesn’t taste great in!

I tried the lemonade which was really good. It is too expensive though. I have considered buying many times but passed due to price. I bit the bullet and tried it. Good but not worth the price. Wish you could buy one to try taste and wish it was not so expensive.

Swoon Lemonades and Iced Teas

None. Only use to sweeten coffee.

Pleasantly surprised

I rarely like zero sugar drinks but this surprised me. The peach tea tastes amazing. I will definitely be buying again. These drinks are extremely pricey though. That being the biggest drawback.



Best sweetener

Never knew sweetness could be so good for the body

Swoon Mixers
Robert Jones
Great Taste

Margarita Mix Tastes Great & No Sugar

Now I can skip the Kombucha

I used to drink Ginger Kombuchas for the ginger refreshment and ginger health benefits combined with low-sugar but don't love the vinegar flavor of kombucha. Ginger Lemonade Swoon gives you the real ginger flavor, benefits, and ZERO sugar, so now I have a great alternative to get my healthy ginger fix!

Perfect amount of ginger spice

Not too sweet and not too spicy. It's so drinkable that I end up having a few a day.